shitty mondays

i peed this morning (at home) and sat on the toilet a little longer to check my email from my phone. then without warning, i made ploppies in the toilet. it was totally unexpected, but awesomely awesome. not a bad start to a monday.

take a dump on mondays

btw – i washed my hands before picking my phone back up after i wiped. always practice good hygiene. don’t put poo-particles on your phone and then to your ear. and i also put the toilet seat cover down before i flushed. beware of flying invisible poo particles!

and another public service announcement: when you’re in a public bathroom, don’t use your phone or iPad or whatever while on the toilet. that’s disgusting! esp if someone else borrows your iPad and then he/she has your poo particles on their fingers! gross. also hold your breath and get away from the toilet as fast as you can when flushing. otherwise you will have millions of yours and others’ invisible poo/pee particles sprayed on you. stay clean!

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