Is this day over yet?

Most of my female coworkers know which stall I like to use in the office bathroom. No, not because I share potty secrets with them.. I’ve worked here long enough that they’ve seen me walk in and out of that stall during our random bio breaks. Anyway, I went to my favorite toilet and I was very disappointed (and slightly disturbed) to see that someone had not only peed on the seat, but also peed all over the floor, stomped in it, and ran around in circles (according to the dried yellowish black shoe prints on the tile floor). If this was a unisex bathroom, I would have assumed a male with an uncontrollable penis had his way with the toilet. No clue which female culprit prosecuted that poor stall. I went and did my business in the next toilet. As I left the bathroom, one of my coworkers walked in. Then I suddenly realized that she will probably think I made that mess. And she has kind of a big mouth. I bet today’s office rumor is that I have an uncontrollable penis, and I had my way with the toilet. TGIF.

Hallelujah for the TGIF Ladies

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  1. Miranda | | Reply

    I LOVE this anecdote. Seriously.

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