Death by Diarrhea

I was at a restaurant with my friend, and she went to use the bathroom a few minutes before I did. When I walked into the ladies’ room, the air was thick with diarrhea smell, and I could hear my friend gagging for air. Her gasps were so horrible I feared for her life; it sounded like she was going to die. She emerged from her stall a few seconds later and sprinted out of there while the anonymous pooper was still churning out #3 in her stall. I ran after her making sure she was okay. She was still gagging for about 30 seconds after she made it out. That had to be the most disgusting poop smell ever. Not even my destructive butt could produce something that horrendous. I held in my pee for 30 minutes until I got home.

I bet Yoda's 900yo fart smelled better than the mysterious diarrhea pooper

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