Flying Farts

I’ve posted this before, and I will post it again: You CAN smell a fart on a plane. And it’s even worse on a plane than on the ground. On a plane you have no where to run, and you can’t open a window to air out the funk. It’s trapped in the cabin, and all you can do is inhale it until the odor dissipates slowly through your nostrils and your lungs. I flew yesterday and I had a window seat. The nice lady to my left in the middle seat fell asleep. Her halitosis had me cornered and I ducked my head into my armpit as I clung against the plane’s wall. Her breath was slow and steady, so there was a constant stream of odor fighting its way up my nose. I almost had my head in the perfect position to avoid her mouth wind until she farted. My head was contorted in the direct stream of where her fart waves were flowing, and they flowed right up my nose. There was three hours left of the flight. It felt like purgatory.

If you fart on a plane, everyone has a bad time.

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