The Gym

I was at the gym on Sunday. It’s usually pretty crowded on the weekends, and I had a spot on the TRX. There was a guy behind me doing some intense ab workouts on the floor. Halfway through my exercise I hear the loudest, bubbliest, wettest anal anthem behind me. It was the kind of fart where the bunghole was probably flapping as the gas escaped. It was the foulest fart I have ever heard in a gym, but the offender didn’t care. He continued his workout like nothing happened. I was a little grossed out because he was so close to me; his gas was most definitely circulating in my lungs now. I was also a little mortified because of his proximity, others could have mistaken the sound coming from me and called treason on my bean blower. Thankfully, I was resting in between sets so there’s obviously a less chance of me forcing out such an audible fart. Right?? Plus, it totally sounded like a man fart.

For the guy at the gym..

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