Shake Shack Intestinal Attack

I have made a terrible revelation. I cannot digest Shake Shack burgers, or at least the ones at the Grand Central location. The first time I had a burger at there, I ended up with explosive diarrhea. And just recently the second time I had it.. diarrhea again. Perhaps it was not Shake Shack. Perhaps the meal I ate hours before my delicious burger was the culprit, and it was just coincidence that brown sewage was shooting out of my ass an hour after consuming said delicious burger. I have not had any symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome from the other Shake Shack locations, so I don’t know if the burgers at this particular location are the problem, but I’m willing to further test my theory so I can find more conclusive results. I’ll just need to make sure I go straight home afterwards.

I don't want to quit you.


  1. Kat | | Reply

    I had a burger from the GC location earlier today and I’m getting flaming diarrhea.

    • pooter | | Reply

      lol must be some special secret sauce they put on their food

  2. Lyn | | Reply

    I’ve only been there twice. First time the soho location. Second time the new one built in the Cross County, mall in Yonkers. Both times UNBELIEVABLE diarrhea. I didn’t even make it 30 minutes after I ate yesterday. And I saw all their stupid cherry peppers behind me. I thought the first time was because I had quit meat for a while and my friend suggested we go… and the meat maybe upset my stomach… NOPE this is no fluke. I’m not going back there. Literally explosive diarrhea every. Single. Time.

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