Bad news: Had a bowel movement so I sat at my desk to let it turtlehead ’cause I wanted it to come out as quickly as possible when I got to the office bathroom. Didn’t expect it to get so intense so fast. Let out some uncontrollable farts in my chair.

Poo Log: 25 Feb 2016

Type: Mushy. Oozed out of my butt, resulting in embarrassing sputtering noises heard by coworkers in the hallway outside. Poop disintegrated on contact with toilet water. Bits of floating and sunken poo particles separated from main dung mass. Smell: VERY BAD. Where: Office bathroom (single person bathroom with sink) Time:

My Hiatus

Hi Friends, It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. It’s not because I haven’t pooped since May. I’ve pooped loads. It’s because I got pregnant, but that was a good thing. I was waiting for my three months to clear so I could share with you my pregnant-body colon stories.