I Win

All my constipation and pooping problems have been solved by one thing: water. I’ve increased my water intake and now I have normal bowel movements, my poops slide out my butt smoothly, and I have no more ripped bunghole syndrome. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Because an increase in


I was plagued with a stomach virus last week that gave me seven-day diarrhea. The first few days I was hitting the toilet 10-30 minutes after consuming anything.. a meal, a snack, a glass of water. I was running to the bathroom 7 times a day. I wasn’t in any

High Quality H2O

Water does a body good, and it’s especially good to my bunghole. I know that I should hydrate myself and drink a lot of water, but I’m lazy and I don’t care. But for the past three weeks I’ve been forcing myself to drink more water, and it’s done wonders