I have been slightly constipated for a while now. Last Sunday I ate corn on the cob. My bunghole had been clogged and backed up a couple days, so when I pooped on Monday there was no corn in my turds. Tuesday I didn’t poop. Wednesday I pushed out a

Anal Probe

I had my butt poked and prodded last week voluntarily, and I paid good money for it. No, no you sickos! I had a colonoscopy. The day before my surgery was hell. I had to drink two liters of the most disgusting liquid prep. It tasted like over-sweetened artificial lemon

Poopie Foodie

Taking a big dump is always a huge satisfaction. Taking a big dump and seeing recognizable traces of food you recently ate embedded in the dump is an even bigger satisfaction and exhilarating accomplishment. Last week I ate an excessive amount of squash. Later in the day I saw pieces