Whoopie Baby

Have you ever heard a 3 week old baby fart? It is quite amazing how such a small dainty creature can push out a loud, forceful whoopie cushion-like wind. I thought the fart came from my friend, mother of said baby, but she blamed it on the little newborn. She


I am freaking out that I still haven’t pooped because I just started my rag. Normally I release amazing amounts of poo before I start my period, but this time there is nothing. This is so confusing to me. I must be dying. Only explanation.

walking death

one of my coworkers smells really bad. not like dookie bad, but he smells like old oily dirty laundry x 100. when i come into work and he’s already in the office, i can smell him without looking at his desk to check if he’s there. if he is on