Butt Scream

Ice cream does a funny thing to my digestive system. I am mildly lactose intolerant, as in I can eat cheese and drink milk and just be slightly gassy, but if I eat ice cream my stomach expands and bloats and it’s very uncomfortable to almost painful. Last night I

Poop Envy

My fiance takes multiple dumps a day, and it’s a little frustrating to me. Some days I have zero poops, and other days I’ll get super lucky and have two or three poops. The days I am fortunate enough to have two poopies, I excitedly tell my fiance the great


It’s July, and my digestive system is back on track. After the unclogging of my bunghole on June 30, I’ve been pooping regularly the last two days. However, this morning’s dump was a doozie. It was so big that one end of it was in the toilet drain, and the