Cherry Poops

I retract my previous victory statement. The cherries are still winning. Throughout the day I’ve had a sour stomach. I knew it was the gas from the cherries, but it was only a mild discomfort. Thirty minutes ago I just finished a three mile run. During the run I started

Productive Day

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July yesterday! Mine wasn’t too bad. I got a haircut, had a steak lunch and a slushie, worked out, ate hot dogs and brownies and ice cream for dinner, played with dogs, had stinky explosive watery diarrhea, then watched a movie. Somewhere


Bad judgments were made today and last night. Mistake #1: I ate expired Easy Mac last night for dinner. This morning I had a horrendously painful dump. I knew I didn’t get all of it out and that I’d have more explosive butt outbursts later on in the day. Around