Poo Princess

I went on vacation last week to the happiest place on earth: Walt Disney World. It was indeed a happy and magical time. However, my travel constipation kicked in. I didn’t poop the entire week I was there. That made my time on the rides a little uncomfortable. Every bump


I went to the butt doctor this morning. I wasn’t looking forward to getting an anal probing. While I was waiting in the exam room before the doc showed up, I was contemplating whether or not to wipe my fart box with a scented towelette to make the experience less

Fruity Pebbles

I got my wish. I had a banana-shaped poop this morning. However, because the mango tore up my bunghole so badly yesterday, it still hurt.. like a fuzzy peach coming out of my fartbox. You know I love pooping (by evidence of having a blog about poops), so never in