Peepee Dance

My pee stream has been all wonky lately. I don’t really notice it when I’m at home sitting comfortably on my toilet. But when I am using a public toilet and hovering over the seat, my stream has a tendency to stray to the right. To avoid this, I lean

Pee Graffiti

I often see urine on public toilet seats, and it makes me wonder why any woman would just leave her pee on the seat for the next person to wipe. Are people so lazy that they can’t wipe their own pee? I know most ladies hover and don’t even think

Wipe It.

Public restroom urine-soaked toilet seats: wipe clean before use or don’t wipe? I was having this discussion with a male friend and he says don’t wipe. Easy for him, he doesn’t have to squat to pee. If I had a dong I could fling out and aim away from myself,