Fun Quickie

Fun quick story of the day from my friend: I just left the men’s room. ¬†An old guy came in and stepped up to a urinal as I was leaving. As the door was closing, I heard him moan “Ohhhh, god.” Haha. I wonder if he was having an orgasmic

Hot Piss

My dog makes the best face when he pees in the morning. He squints his eyes and his tongue rolls out the side of his mouth as he sprays the grass. Then he lifts his head, and his jaw opens a little more as that last drop comes out. If

orgasmic pee

my coworker (who has not yet made an appearance on this blog) has a really good time when she uses the bathroom. i mean, reallllly good time. after she pees, she lets out a super long orgasmic sigh. the first time i heard it, i was seriously confused. wtf just