Jar o Farts

I pooped a really big poop. It felt good to get all that junk out of me, especially the peanut butter. Then I farted 20 minutes later, and to my surprise, it smelled like I didn’t poop at all. Curses, peanut butter!! It’s going to take a few days of


I am still eating peanut butter, and it is still giving me horrendous farts. I took a shower and right when I reached for my towel, I farted a diarrhea-smelly fart. I wasn’t sure if the vibrations I felt from the toot were because of the shower water still in


I took a short hiatus from eating peanut butter, and this morning I was reminded why I stopped consuming it. I was asleep and I farted under the covers. The smell was so bad that it fully awoke me at 7am on a Saturday morning and forced me to get