Still constipated. I’ve pooped little pebbles here and there, but all this leftover Halloween candy is clogging up my insides! The smart thing to do would be to stop eating the candy, but that is wasteful, and I do not like to waste such precious delicacies. So I guess I’ll


I went to the bathroom to relieve my bladder, and while the stream was running, I tooted and out popped a little turd. It was small and nothing worth noting, but it was quite satisfying at the same time because it was unexpected. I’m glad I held in my fart

Super Celery

I have been constipated for the past week. I was able to poop little pebbles a couple of those days, but overall, my butt has been plugged up. I was feeling so bottom heavy from all the poo that needed to be released, so I ate some celery for lunch.