Bombs Away

I started taking my multivitamins again after a 3 month hiatus. Why did I take a hiatus? Because I ran out, and I was too lazy to restock. I’ve been popping the calcium and glucosamine pills since last week, and I have not been able to poop until now. I


Bad judgments were made today and last night. Mistake #1: I ate expired Easy Mac last night for dinner. This morning I had a horrendously painful dump. I knew I didn’t get all of it out and that I’d have more explosive butt outbursts later on in the day. Around

Plops Away!

Have you ever had a poop where it was so awesome you are still thinking about it hours after you’ve dumped? I ate a huge dinner Saturday night consisting of chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, cornbread, broccoli cheese ‘n rice casserole, and lots and lots of gravy. I