Butt Vacay

My butt has been in hibernation mode the past 3 weekends. Monday through Friday, I have been having regular bowel movements, pooping twice or three times on good days. But come Saturday and Sunday, I have zero bowel movements and my butt has no desire to pass anything. Maybe I’m

Old Farts

Big props to my grandparents for having the foulest bowels in my family. They stayed over the weekend in my guest room, which is one room down from mine. The guest bath is deep inside that room and around the corner. My grandmother made a number two in there with


aloha pooterrific friends! sorry, not much excitement going on here in terms of dumps ‘n farts. although recently, i did have to make a choice between running and pooping. i chose to run first, and well, i won’t go into detail, but let’s just say there was a turtle head