Watch Your Step

Would you walk into a public park’s restroom barefoot? What if the restroom had a clogged toilet and the entire floor was flooded with questionable fluids and little floating bits? What if you were wearing something (for example, a long dress) that dragged on the floor while you walked? What

Live & Learn

My nose is a little stuffed from allergies. I can still slightly breathe through my nostrils, but my sense of smell is poorer than usual today. As I walked to the office bathroom, two women exited and one said to the other “Ooh, that felt good.” I knew what that

Bathroom Buddies

I went to poop in the office bathroom, and when I sat down a lady colleague sat in the adjacent stall. We both opened our orifices at the same time and released our waste simultaneously; she peed and I pooped. She peed a long, steady stream, and my poo log