Running with the Runs

I haven’t had much to post about since the probiotic diet I started a week ago. No crazy ass-ripping mango-sized poops anymore. Just soft, skinny dumps in moderate to large amounts. I think my bunghole is finally healed. On another note I went running yesterday, and I tried to haul


i went to pee in the office bathroom, and i was greeted by the remains of someone’s explosive diarrhea. splashes of it were on the back of the toilet seat and the wall. good grief, what the heck did this person eat for lunch? while i was admiring the work

gassy ass

i hate it when i’m running and i have a lot of gas and i really really really need to fart, but i have no idea if there is someone behind me (headphones on while running so i don’t hear footsteps, and if i turn around to check i know