As some of you may know, when I use the public restroom I like to line the front of the toilet bowl with toilet paper to eliminate any pee splashes. I am also an edge sitter— I sit at the edge of my seat. When you combine those two, I

Good Feeling

I was out eating with friends. After lunch we decided to go shopping. I normally do not use public bathrooms unless I really have to go (because of my abnormal fear of public bathrooms), but I followed my gal pals into the potty dungeon because I wasn’t going home anytime

Poo Explosion

It happened. I finally pooped. And it was the size of a mango. Multiple mangoes. My poor bunghole. They fell hard into the toilet. And you know what that means– MEGA SPLASH! Before I dropped my pants, I lined the bowl water with strips of toilet paper to soften the