Stink Bomb

I took a flight not long ago, and as usual, I peed 10 minutes before boarding time to avoid using the tiny airplane bathrooms. I had a lot of urine buildup because I hadn’t peed for a couple hours before this particular potty break. The bathroom was large and had


My dog was right. My poops smell horrendous. I just finished taking a dump, so I sneaked a peek at my little gems before wiping and covering my masterpiece with toilet paper. As soon as I looked down, a whiff of poo stench hit my nose hard. It was completely

walking death

one of my coworkers smells really bad. not like dookie bad, but he smells like old oily dirty laundry x 100. when i come into work and he’s already in the office, i can smell him without looking at his desk to check if he’s there. if he is on