Home Sweet Home

After the first week of not pooping due to travel constipation, I figured I’d be back to my regular pooping schedule after my toilet attack on day seven. All that poop that clogged the toilet must have unclogged my insides and pushed out the plug that was backing me up.

Poop, There it is!

I went on vacation for the last two weeks. When I travel, I usually get a mild form of travel constipation. This time it was severe. I didn’t poop for an entire week. I had zero bowel movements and zero urges to poop. This made my beach vacation a nightmare

Poo Princess

I went on vacation last week to the happiest place on earth: Walt Disney World. It was indeed a happy and magical time. However, my travel constipation kicked in. I didn’t poop the entire week I was there. That made my time on the rides a little uncomfortable. Every bump