Bad Food, Messy Poop

I’ve been trying to eat healthy these past couple of weeks. I’ve cut down on my sugar intake, and I begrudgingly say no to bread (which is near impossible when I want a burger). Weekends are my cheat meal days, and even though I’m technically allowing myself to eat whatever

Poo Blogging

I am doing something I’ve never done before in the four years that I’ve had this site.. I am blogging from the toilet as I take a dump. Strange how I’ve never even thought of writing about poop while I’m pooping. Usually when I have a blog-worthy dump, I’ll write

Flying Poop

After I take my dog out for his poops, I usually have him shake off in case there’s any residual poo hanging from his butt. This morning I saw a bit of soft serve brownness on his behind. I had him shake his tush, but it didn’t fling off like