workplace fart

i’m in the office, and i have severe gas. i want to fart so badly but i know that won’t end well (i didn’t poo this morning, so i know it’ll be stinky). so i’m holding in my farts, and it is painful. it’s also causing internal gas bubbly noises,

dog fart

i love my dog. he went into the other room to fart because he knows i don’t like his stinkiness. he’s so considerate! i can still smell it from here though, but ill keep it to myself so he doesnt feel bad. i should really stop feeding him fruit.

fart or queef?

how do you know if you’ve heard a fart or a queef? you’ll know by the smell it produces. some women have no shame after the bathroom stall doors are closed. they’ll let loose and go at it with their odorous releases. hello.. i can still hear you in the