I’m Back

Greetings lovers of poop. I’m back. I stopped blogging about my poops ’cause how much can you really blog about your regularity? My poops have all been the same. I ran out of stories. But then I moved offices and got a brand new cube mate. He’s an older gentleman,

DooDoo Art

My friend was right. My co-workers are disgusting. I went into the bathroom today to pee. Walked in to my usual stall. Someone desecrated the toilet. Hard. There was dried pee and poop all encrusted along the inside edge of the toilet seat. How does that happen? How does one

Online Fart Chats

Me: OMG my stomach just did a growl gurgle, and it was loud. It sounded like a fart. Male Friend: Just say ‘oopsie’ in a cute voice. Me: Nah, I’ll just pretend it wasn’t me. Male Friend: The other day I stepped up to a urinal. ┬áRelaxed the various sphincter