Sweet Symphony

I was in the bathroom washing my hands, and in walks my favorite coworker. She wasted no time and went straight for the stall, dropped her pants, and played me a smörgåsbord of pooty sounds. It went somewhat along with the tune of Old MacDonald Had a Farm. I didn’t

sleepy time farts

i was at a gal pal’s place the other night with several girls. we all had a pillow fight and wrestled in our underwear. HA. i’m kidding. anyway, we stayed overnight at her place watching movies and fell asleep. i never realized how farty i am while i sleep. i

i can’t poop

i had the nastiest farts a few days ago. i think it was the result of me eating ungodly amounts of peanut butter. i don’t digest peanut butter very well, but it doesn’t stop me from eating it. anyway, my farts were horrendous. they came out really warm and had