Chipotle Poo

I ate Chipotle last night. I don’t eat there very often, so I was a little slow when deciding what I wanted in my burrito/salad/bowl/whatever else they have, but I was the only person in line so I didn’t try to rush my order. When I got to the salsa

Holiday Poops

I went overseas during the Thanksgiving holiday. Normally I suffer from travel constipation, but since I was in Asia and consumed gluttonous amounts of dirty street food, there was no shortage of dumps from my butt. Amazingly, I did not experience any explosive diarrhea during my travels. Just soft, long,

Shroom Doom

I had explosive diarrhea last night. Not once. Not twice. Not even three times. I sat and shat watery brown mud five times. After each session I wiped my butt and flushed, thinking it was over. As I washed my hands, another bowel movement would occur and then my poop