Fire Butt

This dry, winter weather has not been kind to my skin. Particularly the area around my butthole region. Particulary my butthole. I’ve been having major girthy poops, and they’ve been stretching my bunghole to the max. Today’s dump was no different. It was long (it folded itself in the toilet)

Spicy Butt

I ate a breakfast burrito this morning with hot sauce. That was not a good move, especially since I can’t really handle hot sauce. Add that factor with an empty stomach, and for the rest of the day I had spicy diarrhea. I made multiple runs to the bathroom. Ring

ring of fire

oy. i had spicy food last night for dinner, and it didnt sit well in my stomach. this morning i woke up with a little bit of fiery fierceness growling in my intestines. i sat on the toilet for a while trying to push out something, but it wasnt ready