Perfect Poo

My stomach started to make the diarrhea gurglings while I was at work. I swiftly left my desk and made it to the toilet seconds before my ass erupted with what felt like thousands of poo shrapnel shooting into the bowl. My butt let out a few bubbly, wet farts

Bad Food, Messy Poop

I’ve been trying to eat healthy these past couple of weeks. I’ve cut down on my sugar intake, and I begrudgingly say no to bread (which is near impossible when I want a burger). Weekends are my cheat meal days, and even though I’m technically allowing myself to eat whatever

Punxsutawney Poo

Hope everyone had a happy Super Bowl Sunday! Did anyone guess that the Seahawks would pulverize the Broncos like that? I couldn’t predict who was going to win yesterday before the game. I couldn’t even predict that I was going to poop yesterday as I had my morning pee. I