Bazooka Butt

Men aren’t the only ones with bazooka butts. My mom has a mega machine gun fart box. She can really rip one like she just ate a can of beans, but she doesn’t need beans to make her sputtering wet bean farts. Her butt is just gifted when it comes


I did the unthinkable today. I sat on someone else’s pee. I went to the bathroom to take a mad dump, and I lined the toilet seat with the protective paper and a few layers of toilet paper (for triple butt-protection). However, that wasn’t enough because when I sat down,


Oops I did it again. I let out a big wet voluminous fart in the office thinking I was the only one here at 7pm. After I ripped that one, I peeked around my wall to check if anyone was present. Yes. There are people still at the office. I