performance anxiety

its never fun to poo in a public bathroom with an audience. i had to go badly, and there was someone already in the middle stall. i took the adjacent stall (there are only 3), and i plopped my ass down on the toilet seat (don’t worry, i used seat protection). i could tell the lady next to me was having pooing issues because it was silent except for a few quiet ehhhnnns from her. i don’t like pooing with someone in the same room, especially not next to someone who is bare-assed (butthole-flexed) and only 3 feet away from me separated by a thin metal wall. so i pushed. i pushed really hard so i could get this turd out of me and leave the bathroom quickly. i guess i pushed a little too hard because i pushed out an exploding pop of a fart. how embarrassing. i was only trying to be quick and let my neighbor think i was merely peeing (and not pooing at the same time). i guess my mega fart makes me fall in my own category of no shame when the stall door is closed.

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