concert foul

mmmkay .. i know farts are natural and great, but theyre not that cool when done in a crowded, closed area when you are surrounded by hundreds of people standing shoulder to shoulder. i was at a concert over the weekend and someone farted, and it was stinky. very very stinky. and i had no where to run. all i could do was hold my breath as long as i could without passing out. every breath i took in was painful and filled my lungs with the odorous smell of sulfur and rotten eggs. (i did not dare breathe through my mouth.. no way im getting poo/fart particles in my mouth!!) sheesh people.. hold it in please or wait until after the concert to relax your gassy a-hole! also uncool: gagging at your own stench pretending you werent the offender. i know it was you, hairy bald guy in front of me. i took the brunt of the smell.

these signs should be put in concert venues

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