Happy Holiday!

When I was young, my mom would take me to the community pool everyday during the summer. I remember one Memorial Day when I was maybe 7 or 8, my family and I went swimming. I came home with a gassy stomach and farted a bunch of times while still in my swimsuit. But there was one particular fart I remember. It was a big bubbly fart. Growing up with brothers, I was particularly proud of this one.. its intensity was up there with the boy farts. Anyway, I went to take my bath and discarded my swimsuit in the sink for my mom to rinse (as she always did for us kids). Before I was able to hop in the tub, she grabbed my swimsuit and started to wash it. When she looked at the crotch area she let out a yell and a What is this!? I looked at the swimsuit and saw what looked like chocolate pudding and a digested carrot where my butt would have been in the suit (I guess I ate some carrots that afternoon). When I saw that mess, I laughed and felt a sense of pride and awe at what one of my farts was able to accomplish. I remember there was no shame or embarrassment at all, even when my mom was clearly disgusted. I guess that’s when I realized how fascinated I was with poop. I have not been able to duplicate that fart since. Happy Memorial Day!

All it's missing is a carrot in the middle

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