Bowel Therapy

My bowels are playing with my emotions. I had a good week of poops. I pooped everyday, sometimes multiple poops a day. And now I have not pooped for two days. My bowels have not stirred. This happens to me often. I am completely regular (when I say regular I mean normal logs, soft serve, mush, pellets, and more normal logs pushed out at daily intervals), and then nothing for days. It’s not that I don’t have anything to poop out. I can feel it piling up inside my intestines, waiting to come out, but no amount of pushing will shoot it out. It could be another day or two before anything shows up in the toilet. I miss my bowel movements and our regular poo sessions. This is the most unstable relationship I’ve been in.

I love you, bowels. Why don't you love me back!?

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