Pee Party

I was at a gas station, and the pump I pulled into had a broken handle that spilled gasoline over my hands. I went inside the convenience store to wash them in the customer bathroom. O. M. G. This was the first time I have ever visited a gas station bathroom, and it will be the last. Someone had a pee party in there and invited all his friends. There was pee all over the toilet. Pee inside the unflushed toilet. Pee all over the floor. Pee under the sink. Pee all over the walls. All over the walls?! Who does that?! There was even pee on the door. I would not have been surprised if there was pee in the soap dispenser. The toilet paper was even wet. Pee? Probably. I was afraid to touch the doorknob, but I had to in order to escape the pee-soaked room. Being in there reminded me of those crazy Britney days and her barefoot gas station visits. Then I left the pee party and quivered.

You're gonna step in pee!
I bet she sat on the toilet without wiping it down, too.

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