I fell on pee

One of my worst nightmares happened today.. I fell on pee. Stranger pee.

Let me explain. I hover and squat over the toilet when I pee in a public restroom. Rarely do I lose my balance, but just in case I do, I wipe the toilet and put a protective seat cover before I hover. But today I was in a hurry. There was pee on the toilet from a previous user. I squatted, I hovered, I lost my balance, and I fell on the pee. Not just my thighs either. As I was falling, I used my hands to catch myself. My hands landed on the pee right before my thighs came crashing down on them. It was so traumatizing I wanted to start crying right there. But I stayed strong and wiped my hands clean and then washed them five times before I left the bathroom. I still feel germy. Excuse me while I boil a pot of water and soak my hands in them.

Felt like someone poured this on me

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