Fist Pumps for Farts

I went shopping at the sports store with my boyfriend, and I had to fart. It was the tiniest of farts. Barely a whisper, and so small that I almost felt nothing breeze through my butt cheeks. But as soon as I released that pinch of a toot, my boyfriend saw something in the aisle, and he turned behind me to look at it. He walked right through my baby fart cloud and immediately knew what I had done. I had no idea such a little amount of my gas could pack such a ginormous punch to the nose. His eyes started to water. I felt a little victorious.

I wanted to high five my little fart cloud.

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  1. Catherine | | Reply

    Haha, I had a similar incident with my dad this past weekend. For whatever reason, my SBDs have been even heavier on the D than usual lately (no small feat!). I was riding shotgun in his car when I felt one wanting out, and I honestly didn’t want to turn the place into a mobile gas chamber, but it felt like such a teeeny tiiiiny bubble that I thought it would stay trapped in the seat. I was wrong. Twenty seconds later, dad had his head out the window. “I taught you too well,” he said between gasps as he tried to recover his breath. Indeed!

  2. pooter | | Reply

    lol, Catherine! poor dad!

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