Mile High Pee Party

I don’t like using the bathroom on planes. If I have to fly, I will use the toilet at the airport 10 minutes before boarding in order to avoid having to go during the flight. I took an early morning flight a few days ago, so I slept most of the plane ride. When I sleep, I always wake up with the urge to pee. This was the case when I woke up from my two hour nap during the three hour flight. I thought I could hold it in for another hour, but I also had intense gas pains and I really needed to fart. So instead of squeezing out a stinker in my seat and making the kid next to me suffer, I got up and went to the toilets in the back of the plane. Both were occupied; one by a young teenaged male, the other by an older female. I was hoping the female would hurry and finish first because I had a hunch the kid would pee all over the seat. Lucky for me, she stepped out of the bathroom before he did. I went in and lifted the toilet cover and to my chagrin, I saw a seat drenched in urine. Seriously, lady? At least wipe it down afterwards, especially if you know there is a long queue waiting to use the toilet after you. I personally would have been embarrassed to let the next person know I peed all over the toilet seat. I guess this is what I get for stereotyping male vs. female peeing etiquette. Sorry, male teenager.

Hi there, I peed all over the seat for you. You're welcome!

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