My fiance likes to sleep on top of the covers. I often get cold at night, so I like to sleep under the covers. He couldn’t fall asleep last night so he started bothering me by kicking off the sheets and annoying me. I kept pulling the sheets back over me, and he kept kicking them off. Finally I had enough so I farted while I had the sheets over me. It was silent so he didn’t know my bunghole released a ball of deadly fury until he lifted up the covers and dutch oven’d himself. He then started gagging, then pouting, then turned the other way and fell asleep. Victory.

Victory by Fart K.O.

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  1. Nick | | Reply

    Lol well done! Farts always win 🙂
    That reminds me one Easter when our family visited my brother once and I had to sleep with my sister in one bed. I couldn’t fall asleep, because it was uncomfortable (she seemed to take too much space in the bed and she was wriggling every minute). Suddenly I realized that I need to fart. As always at Easter I had a lot of eggs and other gassy stuff, so when I let one it was totally silent, but it burned my butt so I knew it’s going to stink terribly. To make things funnier, she was laying on the side with her face toward my back, so it literally hit her nose like a wet towel lol She immediately turned to the wall and moved away from me, so I had more space for myself 😀

    • pooter | | Reply

      Nice one!! Farts DO always win! As long as they don’t fart in retaliation 😉

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