Pee Graffiti

I often see urine on public toilet seats, and it makes me wonder why any woman would just leave her pee on the seat for the next person to wipe. Are people so lazy that they can’t wipe their own pee? I know most ladies hover and don’t even think about touching their thighs to the germy thrones (myself included), but why not a courtesy wipe? Even though I hover, if I see pee graffiti from a previous offender I’ll still clean the seat. If I didn’t clean it, there’d only be about an inch of air separating my thighs from possible diseased fluids, and the proximity of it to my skin would make my unstable knees even wobblier. Personally, I’d be embarrassed to leave a toilet covered in urine especially if there’s someone waiting for my stall. I don’t want to be briefly known as the peed-all-over-the-seat-and-didn’t-wipe girl.

Not cool.

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