Poo Log: 10 March 2016

Type: Logs. Lots of girthy logs. A mass exodus of logs from the previous constipation. So much poo that I could feel it up in my chest before I pushed it all out.
Smell: Normal poo smell
Where: Office bathroom (single room with toilet and sink)
Time: 11 AM
Duration: In there for a while. Had people try to open the door thinking the bathroom was vacant as I was pushing turds out. Courtesy flushed to avoid clogging the toilet– which I did a month ago and reduced the number of available toilets down to one for 40 women. sorry 🙁
What I ate: Breakfast: glass of Kefir. Lunch yesterday: Cauliflower rice leftovers. Dinner last night: beef ‘n potatoes, shrimp
Poo Satisfaction: 10/10. So much glorious poo. Residual sphincter pain.
Lots of these
Lots of these

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