I’ve been constipated for a couple days now, but I had a bowel movement this morning. Today is my day off so I took the opportunity to sit on the toilet for however long necessary until something fell out of my ass. Ten minutes in I farted a few times.

3 Scoops = 1 Turd

Something magical happened this morning. I farted, and it smelled terrible. That could only mean one thing.. there was a turd sitting right inside my bunghole. It took a few minutes before I had a slight bowel movement. I went straight for the toilet and waited patiently for it to


Happy Thursday. In recognition of Throwback Thursday, here is a story from a couple decades ago. I ran cross country in high school. We had practice runs every morning before school, so we showered in the women’s locker room before classes started. One morning, I felt very gassy. As I