Midnight Beverage

Some advice: don’t drink San Pellegrino Limonata right before going to bed (especially on an empty stomach). It’s a sparkling, carbonated and very acidic beverage. It’s delicious and refreshing, but it bubbled right from when it entered my mouth, throughout my stomach and into my intestines, and it continued to


My jet lag has had an adverse effect on my L-Carnitine pooping powers. I didn’t have a bowel movement until three days after I came back home, and that first poo was a small, unsatisfactory piece of turd. The subsequent turds over the next couple of days were also small

She shoots she scores

I am having constipation issues. Last night I sat on my toilet and pushed for a few minutes. I refrained from using any help from my deceivingly strong hands and did some good old fashioned pushin’ and strainin’ (and gruntin’). I ehhhhnned and I huhhhhhhmmed until I finally got that