Sputter Sputter

I have leather seats in my car, so when I have to fart the air is sort of trapped between my butt and the non-absorbent seat cushions. I like to really push out my farts when I’m driving, especially when I am alone with the windows down. Since my butt

Fart Girl

It was a great start to the new year at the office yesterday. I had a yogurt for breakfast followed by a couple multi-vitamins. I’m not sure which of the two did it, but I had the worst diarrhea gurgling all morning after breakfast. It was LOUD. So loud that

I Doo

There is something about weddings that make me extra gassy. I attended one over the weekend, and I had the farts during the entire reception. I would have blamed the champagne for the extra bubblies in my intestines, but I didn’t drink any this time. Could be that usually by