Poo Scale

I had the best pooping day last Saturday. It started off that morning with a mediocre dump shortly after I woke up. Then after lunch I dumped another couple little logs. After dinner I started feeling diarrhea pains and I pooped another solid log. About thirty minutes later, I started

Fecal Floaties

As disgusting as I am (read yesterday’s post for reference), I am a huge germaphobe. Walking into a public bathroom makes me feel dirty because you’re basically breathing in dissipated farts. As soon as I pass the threshold from the outside of the bathroom to the entrance, it’s like I’m

The Art of Push

Everyone poops. You get a bowel movement, you sit and the poop usually slides, shoots, or sputters out of your butthole without incident. But when you are constipated, the poop doesn’t come out so easily. That’s where the art of pushing comes in. I call it an art because you