Poo Explosion

It happened. I finally pooped. And it was the size of a mango. Multiple mangoes. My poor bunghole. They fell hard into the toilet. And you know what that means– MEGA SPLASH! Before I dropped my pants, I lined the bowl water with strips of toilet paper to soften the

Rut Roh

I haven’t pooped in three days, and the weird thing is I don’t feel like I need to poop. Usually when I’m constipated, I feel bottom heavy and my butt feels like it’s carrying a ton of bricks. Not sure what is up there plugging the exit of my bunghole..

Running with the Runs

I haven’t had much to post about since the probiotic diet I started a week ago. No crazy ass-ripping mango-sized poops anymore. Just soft, skinny dumps in moderate to large amounts. I think my bunghole is finally healed. On another note I went running yesterday, and I tried to haul