Family Poops

November is a month where most people reflect on what they are thankful for. Yesterday’s events have me very thankful for lighthearted poo-lovin’ family and friends. I had authentic Thai food for lunch. I say authentic because when I asked for mild spicy in my red curry, it was more


I had a huge poo this morning. It felt soft, warm, and mushy coming out of my fartbox. I peeked at my poop, and it was a blobby sloshy gunky mess in the toilet. However when I wiped my bunghole, there was nothing on the toilet paper. Immaculate poop. How

Mass Exodus

It came. The mudslide I’ve been waiting for since last Friday has finally exited my butt. I’ve have a few mediocre turds since then, but nothing satisfactory. This morning’s poo session was glorious. At first it oozed out slowly, then it picked up the pace and started sputtering. My butt