Poo Log: 09 March 2016

Type: A single pebble Smell: None. It was a single pebble Where: Office bathroom (single room with toilet and sink) Time: 11 AM Duration: Five minutes to push out that single pebble What I ate: Breakfast: glass of Kefir. Dinner last night: Cauliflower rice, ground beef and bell peppers Poo Satisfaction:

Butt Pouch

Someone found my site by Googling: “is it possible to push feces into pouch in buttock.” I don’t know if that’s possible, but that’s what it feels like for me right now. I haven’t really pooped since last Thursday. I pushed out a tiny pebble this morning after some hnnnns

Sad Anus

I did it again. I tore myself a new one. This time it wasn’t because of the dry climate. I had just made a log in the toilet, but it didn’t feel like I was completely finished with my poo session. I had one more turd left to push, except